Health Data Platform Initiative (HDP)

The HDP is a multi-partner initiative underway to create a better way of sharing health-related data. It will make possible improved evidence from which to base important decisions about health care, public health, and the health system. The HDP is currently in the early stages of development with services for health researchers, health care providers and health system decision makers/policy makers to be introduced incrementally over the next few years.


Project Scope

The scope of the Health Data Platform Initiative (HDP) is to establish a federated health data sharing ecosystem where data held by multiple organizations can be assembled from a single point of access and linked for research and analysis purposes for use by multiple types of data users. The HDP will be built on leading privacy and security practices. Its implementation will include both technical and non-technical components: the creation of a secure technical environment, and the policies, processes and services that will support the HDP’s use. Data will remain in the source environments held by the respective health organizations and will be assembled when needed, for a defined period of time.

Project objectives

The goals of the HDP are to:

  • Improve timeliness, efficiency and greater breadth with researcher data access
  • Increase use and utility of data by broadening potential users and scope of access
  • Position BC for excellence in data-driven evidence for health and health research sectors
  • Advance best data management practices
  • Increase security and functionality in data capture, storage and retrieval for health research, including real world clinical trials and randomized controlled trials (RCTs)


Partners include government, health, research and data organizations that are working together to create a federated system. The BC Ministry of Health is taking the lead on the development of the HDP. The BC SUPPORT Unit and the BC Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) are key beneficiaries and contributors. Population Data BC is also a major partner as it will be the service provider through which researchers will be able to access the HDP.


The work ahead for the HDP is broad and encompasses many sub-projects. For more information on projects that are being developed to support researcher data access, click here.