Developing the Unit

The Unit’s business plan outlines a model for operations that includes governance, provincial office/hub, regional centres and methods clusters (methodological communities of practice). The model also includes a link to the developing provincial data platform that is separate but integral to the Unit.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) is one of the Unit’s key funders. As part of our relationship with CIHR, we were required to reach a number of milestones in advance of regular operations - all of which have been completed:

Milestone Date
Business plan approval December 2015
Signing of grant agreement March 2016
Submission of information about implementation and operations plan September 2016

With the final milestone behind us, we're offering initial services through the provincial hub. Regional centres are also offering initial services.

Unit services include patient engagement, research navigation, data access and use, knowledge translation, and training and capacity development.