November 13, 2018

Why Bodies Matter in Patient and Public Engagement in Health Research

In order to build authentic and meaningful relationships between health researchers and patient/public partners ― which requires trust and understanding ― it is essential for everyone, including health researchers, to bring a level of self-awareness that may not have previously existed. Part of this critical reflexive practice includes embodied reflexivity, looking at how our physical presence and performance can influence the sharing of experiential knowledge and in turn the production of knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

Understand what is embodied reflexivity and its importance to patient/public engagement Identify ways in which health researchers and patient/public partners can integrate the practice of embodied reflexivity into patient/public engagement in health research

Presenter: Carolyn Shimmin is the Patient and Public Engagement Lead at the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI). In this role, she helps lead CHI’s strategy on public involvement in health research. Previous experience includes stakeholder engagement, research, writing and reporting on various health policy issues including mental health, addictions, trauma and the sexual exploitation of youth. Areas of interest include patient engagement, knowledge translation, trauma-informed approaches, intersectional analysis, and poststructuralist queer theory. Carolyn has a Bachelor of Journalism Combined Honours Political Science and a Master of Gender Studies.