June 3, 2019

Video: Bringing fecal transplant closer to home: a patient’s journey from fear to hope

Hannah, a patient partner who resides in Victoria, began her journey in research as a study participant in a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) study for Clostridium Difficile infection led by Dr. Christine Lee.  Hannah’s gratitude for being healthy again, her interest in research, and her discovery of patient-oriented research led her to become a patient partner.

With support from the BC SUPPORT Unit Island Centre, she partnered with Drs. Lee (Island Health) and Katharine McKeen (Victoria Division of Family Practice), Wendy Young (Island Health) and researcher trainee and UBC Medical Student, Jocelyn Chai, on a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research REACH grant titled Digital Storytelling: Bringing evidence-based treatment for C. difficile infection closer to home.

If you’re interested in learning more about FMT, email FMTAccess@viha.ca.

If you’re interested in sharing your lived experience to inform and shape research, email the Unit's Vancouver Island Centre at islandcentre@bcsupportunit.ca.