July 22, 2020

Public Engagement and Involvement in Health Research: How well are we doing? Views from the global north vs the global south

Public engagement and involvement in health research is now a global phenomenon. It can help improve the quality and relevance of research and is increasingly required by research funders from across the world. But how well do we really 'do' public engagement and involvement in research in different parts of the world? The UK has a long history of these type of activities, but do they provide the benchmark for best practice? Researchers in South Africa are making significant efforts to tackle the nation’s health challenges and community engagement plays a critical role, but are they approaching it the right way? What can we learn from each other to help us improve?

In these videos, originally part of the Cochrane Learning Live and International PPI Network webinar series, you will hear from speakers from the UK and South Africa with experience of running and taking part in public engagement and involvement projects.They share their experiences of the progress that has been made as well as putting forward the problems and issues with the processes that are yet to be resolved.