May 7, 2019

Part II: The James Lind Alliance | An Overview of the Process of Priority Setting Partnerships

In a previous post, we introduced the James Lind Alliance methodology, a participatory approach that brings together patients, caregivers and clinicians in Priority Setting Partnerships to identify, discuss and prioritize questions they feel should be addressed by health research. According to the James Lind Alliance website, more than 80 Priority Setting Partnerships have been initiated or completed worldwide, including nine in Canada. Using the James Lind Alliance methodology, Canadian priorities have been set (or are in the process of being set) for research on dementia, fibromyalgia, frailty, hypertension, kidney cancer, metastatic breast cancer, neurodevelopmental disorders, post mastectomy breast reconstruction, and seniors’ health (Alberta). If you are interested in hearing more about how these research priorities were determined, or perhaps are considering initiating a new Priority Setting Partnership yourself, this post is for you. Continue reading below for an overview of each of the steps involved in running a Priority Setting Partnership.