August 14, 2019

Apihtawikosisan - Indigenous Issues 101

"Since I began this blog, I have endeavoured to create resources for people unfamiliar with specific aboriginal topics.  I like to call them Indigenous Issue Primers, because they are introductions to topics you could spend a lifetime specialising in.  Not every post I put up is a Primer, so I’ve decided to list them below topically, for ease of reference (and so I remember what I’ve already addressed!)."

"My focus is very much on what I call “myth debunking”.  I have found it very difficult over the years to have discussions about anything related to indigenous peoples because so many bizarre beliefs get in the way.  Try discussing what happened at Oka, for example, and you’ll quickly realise you’ve got to explain a lot of history and address a lot of misunderstandings before you can even get to that topic."

"For me, this is a time saving device.  A series of resources for myself and anyone else who wants them, so that some of the most prevalent myths can be quickly and clearly addressed, allowing a bigger conversation to (hopefully) happen."

"These pieces have been written over a number of years, so many hyperlinks will probably no longer work."