Patient Engagement (PE) Methods Cluster

What is Patient Engagement?

Patient Engagement can be understood as meaningful and active collaboration in governance, priority setting, conducting research, and in summarizing, sharing, and putting the knowledge gained into action (i.e., knowledge translation). It is important to note the term ‘patient,’ as applied here, is over-arching and inclusive, referring to people with lived or personal experience of health conditions or issues, and the people who support them, such as family members, friends and informal caregivers.


What is the mandate for the Patient Engagement Methods Cluster?

As the most recently established of the six methods clusters of the BC SUPPORT Unit, the mandate of the Patient Engagement Methods Cluster is to spearhead innovative, provincially-focused advances in patient engagement research methods and approaches. We will create the establishment of a community of methodologists, who, hand-in-hand with vital stakeholders, will collectively undertake projects which advance this area of science.


What is the current status of the Patient Engagement Methods Cluster?

This cluster is in the initial phase of stakeholder consultation. Input from participants at a visioning workshop (February 2018) will be united with that heard during webinars,  teleconferences, social media events, and individual meetings to inform potential themes and project ideas that will drive forward methodological developments in patient engagement in patient-oriented research, both within, and beyond British Columbia.



Cluster Lead: Dr. Erin Michalak
Methods Cluster Visioning Workshop, February, 2018
Session at the BC SUPPORT Unit Conference, November, 2017

Project Themes:

Read the Patient Engagement Methods Cluster themes here.



Methods Cluster Visioning Workshop Graphic Recording (high-resolution)




Who to Contact:

KT Specialist: Alison Hoens