Our Services

What kind of services does the BC SUPPORT Unit offer?

The BC SUPPORT Unit offers services in:

Patient Engagement Planning

We help researchers develop patient engagement plans that cover how to effectively recruit, train and support patients to become part of a research team.


Current training includes webinarsresourcesworkshops and an annual conference. To inquire about our training and capacity development services, you can fill out our form.


REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture), a secure, sophisticated web application for building and managing online surveys and databases, is now available for health researchers in BC. If you will be using REDCap for patient-oriented research projects, please connect with PopData BC. For more information, please see our FAQs.

Self-Directed Learning in Patient-Oriented Research

Patient-oriented research self-directed learning opportunities are being identified over time; repositories are available on our Events and Resources pages. 

All webinars are recorded with links available on our YouTube channel.

​​​​​​​Knowledge Translation (KT)

We can provide training and resources to help build KT capacity, and can also help review KT plans to ensure they are aligned with best practice.

To find out more about the practice versus the science of the Knowledge Translation/Implementation Science Methods Cluster in BC, please click here.

Research Methods Support

We can provide consultation and support for patient-oriented research questions, and assist with data access and related data services. We can also assist with the funding application review process and in some cases we can also provide letters of support.

Pragmatic Trials

We can provide consultation on pragmatic clinical trials including assistance with trial design and advice on how to make your trial more pragmatic.

Letters of Support

We're happy to provide letters of support for research proposals that align with our goals and objectives. However, we ask that you submit requests at least one week in advance of the competition deadline in order to ensure sufficient time to respond.

Unfortunately, if you request a letter less than one week in advance we will no longer be able to assist you.



Request use of an electronic Community of Practice (eCOP), a password-protected workspace allowing team members to collaborate. Available features include: News (highlight new content), Discussions (online forum), Wikis (editable pages) and Resources (shared files).

Connecting with Health System Decision Makers

If you’re a research team looking to connect with the Ministry of Health, send an email to Research Links.

Research links is a Ministry of Health service for researchers looking for:

  • Information about Ministry priorities
  • Support for a grant application
  • Making connections with the Ministry and its staff

Who does the Unit currently offer services to?

One area of focus for the Unit is to support patient-oriented research teams apply for funding.

However, if you're not applying for funding but still have a patient-oriented research inquiry, you can still complete the form.

When will additional services be available?

We are introducing additional services.

If you want to be kept up to date about new services, sign up for our newsletter or revisit this page for updates.

What kind of funding do you offer?

We don't provide funding (direct, indirect or matching). Our role is to support patient-oriented research in other ways, such as through awards (P2P, Rewarding Success) and by providing training opportunities. We also list current funding opportunities for patient-oriented researchers in BC.

For more information:

We're happy to have a conversation with you about our services. To get started, please fill in our inquiry form HERE.

You'll receive a confirmation email and then we'll do our best to contact you within 1-3 business days to follow up on your inquiry.