Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science (KT/IS) Methods Cluster

What is Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science?

Knowledge Translation may be defined as “using health research to improve health.” This refers to a broad range of initiatives meant to improve the use of research evidence in practice, including:

  • Synthesis: integrating study findings into the larger body of knowledge on a topic
  • Dissemination: identifying appropriate audiences and tailoring messages to the audience
  • Exchange: interaction between researchers and research users resulting in mutual learning
  • Application: the iterative process by which knowledge is put into practice

Implementation Science may be defined as “the scientific study of methods to promote the uptake of research findings into routine healthcare in clinical, organisational or policy contexts.

Lead and Advisor

Linda Li
Lead: Dr. Linda Li
Bev Holmes (1)
Advisor: Dr. Bev Holmes
Presenting at the BC SUPPORT Unit Conference (#PPF17), November 2017


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KT Specialist: Alison Hoens