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With only 15% of British Columbians aware of current health and research participation opportunities, but over 70% interested in participating in health research (source: CanadaSpeaks2015, Research Canada), the BC Health Research Connection project’s goal is to help connect patients and the public to health research opportunities meaningful to them.  The project is being led by the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute in collaboration with health authorities, research institutes and universities across BC. Both patients and members of the research community have provided valuable input into the project planning.

The BC Health Research Connection Project is developing a new online provincial platform called REACH BC that aims to improve how British Columbians can connect with opportunities to volunteer in health research. REACH BC is a trusted source for the public to find research opportunities related to their health condition or interests. Researchers can post their opportunities on the REACH BC platform and find study participants and patient partners.

How REACH BC Works

Volunteers can connect in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a profile with health research interests
  2. Get matched and notified with research opportunities
  3. Review and decide if they want to connect with the research team

These objectives will be achieved through the creation of the following:

RCP_1     RCP3
A central website for patients and public to learn about health research and connect and engage with research opportunities.   A research registry for patients and public to self-enroll online, provide their contact and health-related information, and match them to appropriate research opportunities.   An inventory of active health research studies and other types of research engagement opportunities.

Partner with REACH BC

To ensure the program succeeds, we need your help.

Your organization can help by creating awareness and marketing support within your organization through the REACH BC Ambassador Program.

For more information contact Stefanie Cheah, Project Manager, stefanie.cheah@vch.ca  

Support for REACH BC has been provided by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) as part of its $10 million financial contribution to the BC SUPPORT Unit. REACH BC is independent from MSFHR’s Reach Program and Reach Awards.


The development phase of the REACH BC platform is now complete! We would like to thank our stakeholders for their continued involvement and support. There was a delay in the development earlier this year due to changes in our platform design and architecture requirements, but we are now moving along. It is anticipated that REACH BC will launch in early 2020.


Introductory Webinar

View the short webinar below (recorded in November, 2017) for a video-based introduction to the project.

Contact Us

We invite you to provide input and share your thoughts throughout the project. Please contact Amanda Chisholm, Project Manager.

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