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Why land acknowledgements are important in healthcare

Land acknowledgements are a way to pay respects to the Indigenous lands that we live, work and play on, however, we are often unaware of the complex intersectionality of land, identity, and healthcare. Please join us for the next iCON-VCH Indigenous Health Round with Chief Ian Campbell of the Squamish Nation for an engaging discussion on the connection and importance of land acknowledgements and how they can impact health care delivery.

Session Objectives:

  1. For healthcare providers, practitioners, administrators and policy makers to recognize the historical and contextual factors that may have contributed to Indigenous people’s experiences with healthcare providers in healthcare environments.

  2. To recognize the importance of the local history and why territory acknowledgements matter, from a Settler and Ally perspective, as well as Indigenous perspective.

This event is organized by VCH Aboriginal Health and UBC iCON (Department of Emergency Medicine), and
supported by the BC Ministry of Health Patients as Partners Initiative and the Vancouver Physician Staff Association.

Instructor: Kendall Ho