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Visualization and Reproducible Reports in R (software) - Registration Deadline

Course Dates: March 31, April 2, April 7 and April 9th.

Venue: Fully online – 1.5 hour sessions over 4 sessions

Offered by Population Data BC, this webinar-based course uses R software and focuses on the use of ggplot2 and tidyverse packages to summarize and shape data for the purpose of data visualization and reproducible reports.

Registration Deadline: March 27, 2020

All details: https://www.popdata.bc.ca/events/etu/DataViz_Webinars_Spring_2020

This webinar series focuses on the use of ggplot2 and tidyverse packages to generate reproducible reports. The tidyverse is a collection of R packages used in data science that share the same underlying design philosophy, grammar and data structures. Data visualization is information visualization and analytics to gain insight into the underlying data. Visualizations are useful for summarizing large amounts of data to examine trends and patterns and to help users understand data in a visual context (e.g. no more long tables).  Data visualization has grown with the advent of interactive reports and tools made available online. Static graphs can be made interactive with pop-ups, animations, panning and zooming and many other features. Libraries in R are built for interactive web display and users are no longer required to learn multiple languages in order to display and visualize their data – All can be done in R!