12:00pm - 1:00pm

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BC SUPPORT Unit Webinar

Virtual Collaboration Tool from the BC SUPPORT Unit: electronic Communities of Practice

Presented by: Pat Atherton and Belinda Jampoh

Join us at this webinar to learn how research teams are effectively able to collaborate using a virtual tool provided by the BC SUPPORT Unit. Our innovative electronic Communities of Practice (eCoP) give teams a password-protected webspace to hold discussions, create ideas on wikis, and share documents, all in one place. Learn about how a successful research team used an eCoP to complete their project with just one face to face meeting, reducing the time it took to collaborate and removing the need for a travel budget. eCoPs are an ideal platform for engaging with stakeholders when meetings can be hard to organize. eCoPs are free to BC-based patient-oriented research teams through the BC SUPPORT Unit. More about eCoPs is available here.


  • Pat Atherton is responsible for provincial training and capacity development with the BC SUPPORT Unit, and for the virtual platform of eCoPs, which were built from a successful model with a former MSFHR grant-funded project, InspireNet. Pat's experience with virtual ways of working for research teams will provide insights into effective eCoP use.
  • Belinda Jampoh is project coordinator with the BC SUPPORT Unit, and helps research teams use eCoPs through training and support.