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Proactively Planning for Adaptations

Proactively Planning for Adaptations: An upcoming virtual event from The Center for Implementation (TCI)


If you’re an implementer or a professional tasked with creating change, you understand that adaptations are now part of our everyday reality. But even though you know they’re necessary, it doesn’t mean you know how to strategically make them happen.


In today’s climate, we’ve shifted from questioning whether to adapt or not — to needing to adapt, and make adaptations happen quickly.


Whether you’ve had to make adaptations because of COVID-19 or because your intervention has been brought to a new setting, new context, or a new population, making adaptations is challenging. When you’re on the ground, they're especially difficult to navigate.


At this special TCI virtual event, we are going to guide you through a specific process on how to effectively and proactively plan for adaptations.


Your ticket to Proactively Planning for Adaptations includes:


·      A 2-hour live online presentation on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 (12:00 PM ET – 2:00 PM ET) led by Dr. Julia Moore, TCI’s Executive Director, and Sobia Khan, TCI’s Director of Implementation (recorded in case you are not able to attend live)


·      Our event workbook that provides the key concepts from the presentation and our step-by-step roadmap on how to proactively plan for adaptations


·      An opportunity for you to ask Dr. Julia Moore and Sobia Khan questions about adaptations that are specific to your project at one of our 1-hour post-presentation virtual Q&A sessions (4 dates to choose from)


·      A recording of Dr. Julia Moore and Sobia Khan’s responses to the most frequently asked questions that arose from the Q&A sessions


Participation in all components of the virtual event will occur over Zoom and all attendees will receive access to the recording of the presentation as well as the FAQ responses.


Join other professionals in this virtual event to gain practical tools, methods, and approaches to effectively and proactively plan for adaptations.


Tickets for Proactively Planning for Adaptations are on sale now until Feb. 22 at 12:00 PM ET.

Learn more and buy tickets here.


Note: If you are interested in joining our new Implementing Change Community, the cost of admission to this event is included in your membership fee.