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BC SUPPORT Unit Webinar

Online Poster Presentations: What; How; Why?

Organizations are rapidly moving research conferences onto online platforms. One challenge this shift poses to conference planners, presenters, and attendees, is how to navigate the traditional poster presentation sessions. While previously, conference attendees view multiple posters and engage with presenters in the same room in real time, how to engage, when to engage, and what you’re engaging with takes on a different perspective and meaning in a virtual space.

What will this webinar focus on?

  • A scan of how the poster session is being navigated at other research meetings
  • Highlighting some key considerations and opportunities of virtual posters (including the #betterposter movement)
  • Creating a space for a critical discussion on the meaning and goals of posters in today’s knowledge exchange climate

Who is this for?

Open to conference planners, attendees, presenters, patient partners, students or any others interested in disseminating knowledge in this way.

When will this be?

Join us on Wednesday, September the 16th, from 2:00pm – 3:30pm!