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BC SUPPORT Unit Webinar

Methods Cluster Journal Club: Hybrid Design

Are you a BC health care researcher or trainee interested in effectiveness-implementation hybrid designs?

Would you be interested in sharing time with colleagues also interested in hybrid design during two webinar sessions in July 2018?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, please join us from noon-1 pm on July 18th and July 26th, 2018. Note that recordings of these webinars will be available on our website for those who are unable to participate in real-time.

Session 1 (July 18, 12-1:00pm): Meeting Link: https://goo.gl/wbc1Mf  (Phone number: 1-855-244-8680, access code:  800 599 437)

Session 2 (July 26, 12-1:00pm): See our Session 2 page. Click the Meeting Link: https://goo.gl/ZEkRwL  (Phone number: 1-855-244-8680, access code: 804 830 235)

Note: prior to these sessions, please see our resources serving as the foundation for discussion page.


  • The BC SUPPORT Unit is hosting two journal clubs, via webinar, in July 2018 for BC health care researchers and trainees. These sessions will provide an opportunity to review key papers regarding effectiveness-implementation hybrid designs.


  • A methodology that was frequently mentioned during stakeholder consultations for several of the methods clusters (specifically: Knowledge Translation / Implementation Science, Health Economics & Simulation Modelling, Real-world Clinical Trials and Patient Engagement), was the increasingly popular ‘hybrid designs’ used to simultaneously evaluate effectiveness and implementation of an intervention. Clearly there was appetite to explore the use of this design in methods cluster projects. However, given its relatively recent development and somewhat limited use, it was evident that the BC healthcare research community may benefit from some collective focussed exploration of this methodology.
  • Accordingly, and in alignment with the mandate of the Methods Clusters of the BC SUPPORT Unit (http://bcsupportunit.ca/methods-clusters/) to foster a community of methodologists to advance the science of patient-oriented research, we invite BC researchers to join a series of journal clubs exploring hybrid design.
  • The aim of these sessions is to enhance the understanding of hybrid designs amongst BC healthcare researchers and trainees


  • Two consecutive sessions of 1 hour durationWednesday July 18 and Thursday July 26, each from noon-1 pm.


  • In order to facilitate participation of researchers and trainees throughout BC, these sessions will be held via Webex (see login information above).
  • The content of each session, each building upon the previous session(s), will be as follows:
  • Wednesday July 18 – Discussion of review papers with the aim of enriching our understanding of the underlying principles of hybrid designs and the three types described in the literature.
  • Thursday July 26 – Discussion of papers that have utilized each of three types of hybrid design.  
  • Prior to these sessions, please see our resources serving as the foundation for discussion page.