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Knowledge Translation Certificate

About this Event

The Knowledge Translation (KT) Certificate covers theory, methodology, and practical work, encompassing elements that are common across KT theory, methods, and frameworks. This course is intended to provide a breadth of knowledge and skill in knowledge translation with ample opportunity to discuss the concepts with other learners and the course moderators. Examples used throughout the course will primarily focus on the context in Alberta, but the course is open to participants from outside Alberta.

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Discuss different KT concepts and approaches and describe when and how to use them
  • Select and apply theories, models, and frameworks to address a knowledge to practice gap
  • Describe strategies for assessing and determining stakeholder/organizational/system knowledge needs and/or readiness for change
  • Consider barriers and facilitators when selecting implementation/KT strategies
  • Select and apply appropriate evaluation tools, models and frameworks to develop an evaluation plan
  • Identify important considerations for sustaining long term impact of a project or intervention