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Integrated Knowledge Translation (iKT) 101: The Essentials



Integrated knowledge translation (iKT) is an approach to doing research that applies the principles of knowledge translation throughout the entire research process. The central premise of iKT is that partnerships between researchers and knowledge users will mitigate power differentials between researchers and community members and enhance the relevance, uptake, and ownership of the research.

This webinar will feature local researchers Sarah Donkers (School of Rehabilitation Science, UofS) and Sarah Oosman (School of Rehabilitation Science, UofS) who lead iKT programs of research.

This Webinar will Discuss:

  • Who is a knowledge user?
  • What are the benefits of engaging knowledge users in research projects?
  • Where does Patient-Oriented Research fit into iKT?
  • What are some strategies for sustaining meaningful engagement of knowledge users throughout the research process?
  • How can researchers build meaningful relationships with knowledge users living in rural and remote communities?
  • How has iKT influenced research projects?

For more information about patient-oriented research, please visit www.scpor.ca