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Registration Deadline: April 14, 2020.

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Insights in Tableau: An Applied Data Visualization Webinar-based Course

This webinar series provides researchers, undergraduate and post-graduate students, policymakers, professionals, and health care experts with the tools and resources to think creatively and critically about the process of data analysis. Taught through the lens of population health, this series introduces participants to various topics such as data quality analysis, application of data quality frameworks, and data visualization software.

During the series, we will discuss how, when, and in what context data analytics frameworks are useful in approaching, understanding, and visualizing health data. To actively engage in the content presented, you will be provided with a framework to critically understand data quality and analyze a sample CIHI data set.

This series will also introduce you to Tableau software for the purpose of visualizing data for evidence-informed decision-making. SPSS for statistical computing will also be used. No prior working knowledge of Tableau is required as these skills will be introduced within the series. Each session will provide a practical approach to utilizing data by presenting case examples of how data has been used in organizations for positive public health benefits and impact on Canada’s healthcare system.

Please download the publicly available Tableau software on your Mac or PC from the below link prior to the start of the second session on April 29, 2020.  https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/download

Mac and PC are both acceptable and you can download a free trial of the software

Training datasets will be provided however participants may also choose to use their own data set for assignment work with advance permission from the course instructor.

All details:  https://www.popdata.bc.ca/events/etu/Advanced_MAHD_Apr15_2020