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Exploring Subjectivity: An Introduction to Q Methodology

Q methodology was first proposed in 1935 by William Stephenson, in a letter to the journal Nature, as a way of using factor analysis techniques to explore ‘subjectivity’.   Since then it has been applied in many fields, including environmental, educational, political sciences and in health research.   In ‘Q terms’ subjectivity is used to mean views, beliefs, values, opinions and Q methods can be used when researchers are interested in what people think and feel. 

There are two main features of a Q study:  the means of data collection (through a card sort) and the means of data analysis (using factor analysis techniques).  Dr. Rachel Black will argue that the strengths of Q methodology come from the combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques throughout the stages of research.  Q  methods allow researchers to draw out the different subjective perspectives that exist around an issue as well as identifying areas of consensus, between people holding different views. 

This webinar will cover the when, why, and how of Q methodology, outlining the basic stages of a Q study and directing interested participants towards further reading and resources.

Presented by: Dr. Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker is Professor of Health Economics and Director of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University. 

Rachel focuses on two main areas of research:  exploring societal values and resource allocation in health; and social innovation and health inequalities – in particular investigating social enterprise and microfinance as complex public health initiatives.  She is an expert in Q methodology and research combining qualitative methods with health economic approaches to valuation and preference elicitation.  

Between 2004 and 2011 Rachel was involved in UK and European studies investigating the social value of a quality- adjusted life year (QALY).  In 2010 she moved from Newcastle University to Glasgow Caledonian University and expanded her research interests, working as part of a team developing ideas, methods and evidence in relation to social innovation and health.  With funding from the UK Medical Research Council, from 2011-2014, Rachel led research to explore societal perspectives on the relative value of life-extending treatments for people with terminal illnesses.  She is Past President of the International Q methodology Society

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