12:00pm - 1:00pm
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BC SUPPORT Unit Webinar

Exploring the experiences of caregivers and patients with home enteral nutrition within Fraser Health

Presenter: Rebekah Sandhu

This webinar highlights a patient-oriented research team’s project to address a gap in knowledge regarding the adult home tube fed population. Currently BC does not have any tracking system for its adult home tube fed population. This gap keeps healthcare providers from knowing the size, healthcare usage and experiences of this population.

Rebekah Sandhu brought together a group of patients, caregivers, leaders and health care providers with experience living as/with or caring for adult home tube fed users. Their aim was to develop and test a qualitative semi-structured interview guide aimed to exploring the experiences and challenges of adult home tube fed population.

A CIHR planning grant was secured to develop an interview guide after a literature review and multiple stakeholder meetings. The interview guide was then tested for feasibility and acceptability. Results will be used to seek funding for a larger research study aimed at reaching data saturation. Ultimately, this information will be used to evaluate, improve and innovate programs for adult home tube fed patients within Fraser Health and the Province.