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CCDI Webinar: Intercultural Mediation - Concrete and Effective Action

ublic / Level  : General public 1.0-2.0

Hosted by : Habib El-Hage

The growing ethnocultural diversity that characterizes the current Canadian and Quebec reality poses a major challenge in the management of professional resources. In this context, several challenges arise for employers. Let us note as an example the identification of an intercultural situation? What are the challenges in terms of living together in business? How to develop intercultural communication skills? How to intervene with employees who have very different values ​​from ours?

Several critical situations challenge managers, team leaders and many others, for example situations of accusation of racism, difficulties in male / female relations and difficulties linked to hierarchical authority.

Disclaimer Regarding Our Webinars  : The content presented reflects the knowledge and experience of CCDI, but is not an approach that can be applied equally to all organizations. The information contained in these webinars and related materials does not constitute the provision of legal, consulting or any other professional services / advice of any kind. CCDI is not responsible for any claim, loss or damage of any kind arising out of or related in any way to the information provided in these webinars. 

For Certified Inclusion Specialists Canada (SIAC  ) , this event entitles you to a continuing professional development credit. Please contact ccip.certification@ccdi.ca for more information.

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