eCoPs: Electronic Communities of Practice

Are you a member of a BC-based patient-oriented research team that is looking to make working together easier? We’re excited to announce the launch of the BC SUPPORT Unit Electronic Communities of Practice (eCoPs).
eCoPs, which are hosted on our server in Canada, are password-protected online spaces where research teams can collaborate using a variety of tools and functionalities, including:

  • News Alerts: highlight new content for team members
  • Discussion Boards: discussion in online forums, so all conversations are in one place and searchable – no more digging through old emails.
  • Wikis:  webpages that anyone can edit to provide information on relevant topics.
  • Resources:  provide a central repository for your shared files – no more email attachments and document control issues.

If you are interested in signing up to use eCoPs on a patient-oriented research project, please fill out the inquiry form on our website. Training on use of this virtual platform and eCoP best practices can be requested by contacting the Unit's Hub

View the eCoPs one-pager here

eCoP Webinar below:

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