Data Plan Projects

Recently-completed projects now available to researchers include:


REDCap is a tool for building and managing online surveys/data collection and databases to manage data. The BC SUPPORT Unit is offering this software to researchers for free for their patient-oriented research projects. It is also offering support for how to use this tool for researchers that use this service.

BC Data Scout

BC Data Scout is a data query service that provides cohort information in the form of highly aggregated, approximate results to researchers who are planning a study that will use BC Ministry of Health Data. The information provided in the report output is intended to be complete enough to determine if a study is feasible, but not detailed enough to answer research questions, or replace the need for a full Data Access Request (DAR).

Data Prospector BC

Data Prospector BC provides a list of available data sets for use in research projects. It will be updated regularly as new data sets join the project. The tool allows researchers to:

  • Search for data relevant to their study
  • See what topics are included in each data sets
  • Get information on how to request access to these data sets

Direct access

Direct access is a project that aims to get data more quickly to researchers by allowing PopData BC, a trusted research organization, to directly access the Ministry of Health databases and provide the most relevant up-to-date information to researchers with approved data access requests.


Active Projects

Active projects under development that will be offered to researchers in the future include:

Secure Technology for Analytics and Research Services (STARS) project

This project is to develop the secure technical environment where data held by multiple organizations can be assembled where authorized via a single point of access and linked for research and analysis purposes.

Streamlining access to data project

In conjunction to the STARS project, the streamlining access to data project aims to make the process of obtaining approval to access data from data providers more timely and efficient by reducing the complexity of forms and approvals needed for data access requests, especially for researchers who are asking for information from multiple data providers.

Patient Centred Measurement (PCM)

This project aims to make information on patient reported experiences and patient reported outcomes in health care more readily available for research purposes in BC.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data

This project aims to make more clinical information available for research purposes in BC.