Poster Session

E-Poster Specifications

(for accepted poster presentations only)

  • ePosters include the ability to hyperlink to sites on the internet within your poster.
  • Touch pads at the ePoster kiosks allow conference participants to connect with poster presenters through the touch of a button (to your email address) and to share your poster via email.
  • ePoster technical guidelines are available here, including a PowerPoint template.
  • PowerPoint files (.pptx) will only be accepted if you have a video
    included. If your poster does not contain a video, please submit your poster as a PDF.
  • Please note, the system will reject posters that do not comply with these guidelines.
  • Electronic files with ePoster content can be submitted during the period Oct 15 - Nov 15. No files will be accepted after Nov 15.
  • All authors will have received login credentials from Morressier, the conference hotel's ePoster software platform, by Oct. 15. If you have not received this email, please contact us.

Curious about doing your poster using the #betterposter template? Here's more about this movement: