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2019 Poster Presentations

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Defining dementia-friendly research: Engaging people with lived experience as collaborators and advisors

Presenter: Jennifer Stewart

Testing the feasibility and effects of the STABLE program on reducing fall risk among community-dwelling older adults with cancer: A randomized controlled trial

Presenter: Schroder Sattar

Collaborative Peer-Review Model: Patient Partners as Equal and Contributing Voices in Patient-Oriented Research

Presenter: Linnea Franson

Exploring the Health Research Priorities of the South Asian Community in the Fraser Valley

Presenter: Aven Sindhu

Social and cultural considerations in engaging visible minorities in physical activity research

Presenter: Bushra Mahmood

Can Speeded Walking Help With Multiple Sclerosis Symptom Management? A Patient-Oriented Project

Presenter: Chantel Mayo

Growing Our Own: Photovoice and Resident Experiences of Gardening in a Long-Term Care Facility in Prince George, BC

Presenter: Meg Labron

Effects of a Renal Nordic Walking Program on Quality of Life and Fitness in renal patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Presenter: Leonora Chao

Quality of Life and Wellbeing Following Treatment for AML, and the Co-design of Community-based Care Plans

Presenter: Samantha Culos

Patients as partners for collaborative healthcare improvement: A trainee perspective on the lessons learned through the experience of engaging patients throughout the research continuum

Presenter: Daman Kandola

Communities of Hope: Living with stroke and brain injury in northern British Columb

Presenter: Davina Banner

Patient engagement in knowledge translation: a collaborative model for moving kidney health research into practice

Presenter: Linnea Franson

The role of emotion in healthcare decision making in pregnancy: findings from a qualitative investigation

Presenter: Rebecca Kathleen Metcalfe

Sex, Pain & Endometriosis: Co-Designing an Online Resource through Integrated Knowledge Translation

 Presenter: Heather Noga

Patient-Oriented Research in Emergency Medicine: Implementing and Evaluating ActionADE to Transform Medication Safety

Presenter: Corinne Hohl

Patient Engagement in the BC Emergency Medicine Network

Presenter: TBD

Kwiis hen niip - Change: Change for Emergency Care Services in Rural and Remote British Columbia Indigenous Communities

Presenter: TBD