BC SUPPORT Unit Webinar Recordings (for all stakeholders)

View recordings of our past webinars and live recordings below and on our YouTube channel.

Recordings of webinars not hosted by the BC SUPPORT Unit can be found on our External Webinars page


Methods Clusters Video Project Discussion Presented by: Alison Hoens November 9, 2018


Ensuring the Ethical Conduct of Patient-Oriented Research: A Guide for Researchers Presented by: Sarah Flann November 5, 2018


Real World Clinical Trials Methods Cluster Round 2 Project Development Presented by: Hubert Wong, Alison Hoens, Anita Ho October 30, 2018


Webinar with Methods Cluster Project Teams Patient Partners Presented by: Alison Hoens October 2018  

Dissemination POR Pathways Webinar Hosted by: Noreen Frisch October 2018


Patient Engagement Methods Cluster Webinar - Shaping Next Steps Presented by: Erin Michalak October 2018


Journal Club Webinar Presented by: Stirling Bryan October 12, 2018



PPF18: Livestream recordings Presenters: Various October 4, 2018


Understanding the Mental Health & Recovery Needs of Canadian Youth with Mental Illness Presenter: Skye Barbic September 26, 2018  

2019 P2P Awards Overview Webinar Presenters: Larry Mroz, John Ward, Stirling Bryan September 17, 2018


KT IS Citizen Science Project Description Presenter: Linda Li August 2018


Methods Cluster Journal Club - Hybrid Design Part 2 Presenters: Stirling Bryan and Hubert Wong July 26th, 2018 


Methods Cluster Journal Club - Hybrid Design Part 1 Presenters: Stirling Bryan and Linda Li July 18th, 2018 


Health Economics and Simulation Modelling Methods Cluster Update Presenters: Nick Bansback and David Whitehurst June 18th, 2018  

Knowledge Translation/Implementation Science Methods Cluster Update Presenter: Linda Li June 15th, 2018


Real-World Clinical Trials Methods Cluster Update Presenter: Hubert Wong June 8th, 2018  

Data Science and Health Informatics Methods Cluster Update Presenter: Leanne Currie June 1st, 2018


KT/IS Methods Cluster: Dr. N. Oelke Presenter: Dr. Nelly Oelke June 2018


Health Data Platform Presenter: Shirley Wong May 4th, 2018 Youtube link Slide Deck (.pdf)


Child-Sized KT webinar Presenter: Dr. Shazhan Amed April 18th, 2018 YouTube Link


Patient engagement methods cluster post event webinar Presenters: Dr. Erin Michalak and Alison Hoens April 11th, 2018 YouTube Link



Learning from a UK experience: An example of patient-oriented research Presenters: Caroline Sanders, University of Northern British Columbia and Vicky Harris, Parent Researcher/mother, advocate for parents having a voice. March 21st, 2018  YouTube Link



Update on the CIHR SPOR CHILD-BRIGHT Network Presenters: Pierre Zwiegers, Training Co-ordinator, and Daniel Goldowitz, Network Co-Director - CHILD-BRIGHT Network March 16th, 2018  YouTube Link



What REDCap Can Do For You REDCap Data Management Platform Overview for BC SUPPORT Unit Stakeholders Presenters: Elodie Portales-Casamar, Victor Espinosa  YouTube Link



N2 Network of Network's Member Resources Webinar Presenters: Erin Cherban, Dawn Richards February 2, 2018  YouTube Link



Methods Clusters: A Deeper Dive Presenters: Dr. Stirling Bryan, Alison Hoens December 13, 2017  YouTube Link



Knowledge Translation Electronic Communities of Practice Presenter: Jason Toal, Interaction Specialist, Simon Fraser University December 7, 2017  YouTube Link



Data Science and Health Informatics Methods Cluster Webinar Presenters: Dr. Leanne Currie, Alison Hoens November 24, 2017  YouTube Link


BC Health Research Connection Demonstration Project Webinar Presenter: Stefanie Cheah, Project Manager November 22, 2017  YouTube Link



Fostering Patient Engagement: A Focus on Digital/ehealth Methods" Presented at the BC SUPPORT Unit Putting Patients First conference #PPF17 by Erin Michalak and Sara Lapsley November 9, 2017  Facebook Live Link


Health Economics and Simulation Modelling Methods Cluster Webinar Presenters: Dr. Nick Bansback, Dr. David Whitehurst, Alison Hoens October 30, 2017  YouTube Link


BC-Focused Rewarding Success Initiative Webinar Presenters: Minnie Downey, Jessica Nadigel, Chaidwick Leneis, Heather Davidson October 23, 2017  YouTube Link


Real-World Clinical Trials Methods Cluster Planning Day Review Presenters: Dr. Hubert Wong, Alison Hoens October 10, 2017  YouTube Link


An Introduction to the Pathways to Patient-Oriented Research (P2P) Awards Presenter: Stirling Bryan September 8, 2017  YouTube Link


Knowledge Translation & Implementation Science Methods Cluster: 'Deeper Dive' Presenter: Dr. Linda Li August 4, 2017  YouTube Link

Breaking the cycle of recurrent fracture: How a research partnership between patients, health providers, decision makers and researchers is improving the lives of people with osteoporosis Presenter: Dr. Sonia Singh, Fraser Health Authority August 2, 2017  YouTube Link



BC SUPPORT Unit’s Provincial Data Plan Presenter: Kimberlyn McGrail, PhD June 12, 2017 YouTube Link Slide Deck (.pdf)


Stroke Research Town Hall: Perspectives, Priorities and Possibilities Presented by: BC SUPPORT Unit Vancouver Island Centre YouTube Link



Who, me? Yes, you! Becoming a Patient Partner in Health Research Primary audience: patients. Others, such as health researchers, decision-makers and healthcare providers may be interested in this webinar Presenters: Colleen McGavin, Patient Engagement Lead, BC SUPPORT Unit; Jaime Ascher, President of Still Life Canada: Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Education, Research & Support Society (SLC) and a member of the SLC Research team; Kent Cadogan Loftsgard, Patient Partner, BC SUPPORT Unit; Annie Moore, Island Health’s Research Department February 28, 2017  YouTube Link Slide Deck (.pdf)


Embracing Patient-Oriented Research: Are You Ready, Willing and Able? Primary audience: health researchers. Others, such as patients, decision-makers and healthcare providers may be interested in this webinar Presenters: Dr. Stirling Bryan, Scientific Director, BC SUPPORT Unit and Colleen McGavin, BC SUPPORT Unit Patient Engagement Lead February 14, 2017  YouTube Link Slide Deck (.pdf)


Patient-Oriented Research: The intersection of patient engagement and knowledge translation Primary audience: those new to knowledge translation (KT) Presenter: Colleen McGavin, BC SUPPORT Unit Patient Engagement Lead January 27, 2017 Presented in conjunction with KT Connects, a partnership between the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and Arthritis Research Canada