Mission, Goals & Objectives


To support the conduct and implementation of high quality patient-oriented research (POR).


Goal 1: Build capacity to conduct and implement high-quality POR in all regions of the province. 

  • Create opportunities for collaboration on patient-oriented research among patients, providers, researchers and decision makers
  • Offer regionally-relevant services and support to teams engaged in patient-oriented research
  • Offer patient-oriented research-related training for patients, providers, researchers and decision makers
  • Increase the availability and utility of data and related services for patient-oriented research

Goal 2: Increase the quality and impact of patient-oriented research across BC. 

  • Launch priority projects enabling the study of patient-oriented research
  • Facilitate and study two demonstration projects
  • Develop and foster improvement of patient-oriented research methods across BC
  • Develop a system change management plan in collaboration with BC AHSN

Goal 3: Ensure ongoing support for patient-oriented research in all regions of the province. 

  • Raise awareness of the importance of, and benefits that come from patient-oriented research
  • Develop a BC SUPPORT Unit sustainability plan