Using Health Economic Methods to Design Clinical Studies

Project Status: Completed

Project Summary

It has been estimated that up to 85% of the money spent on medical research might be wasted. One possible reason for this waste is that most research tries to figure out if a treatment works before checking with patients whether they would be willing to try that treatment. In this project we will use methods used in marketing research (e.g. used by companies who want to see if people will buy their phones, cameras etc.) to find out whether patients would value a treatment before money is spent on figuring out whether that treatment will work. We will use the example of a new treatment, stem-cell therapy (using cells that can change into other types of cells) for people with a severe joint and skin condition (scleroderma), to test our methods. The results from this study can help research dollars to be spent on studying treatments that matter to patients.

Project Lead: Mark Harrison

Project Themes


Aligning Research Funding with Patient Priorities
Diversity and Underserved Populations



Health Economics and Simulation Modelling
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