Provincial hub

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Province-wide roles shown in our model:

  • Coordinate training and capacity development in patient-oriented research
  • Facilitate networking and research team development
  • Coordinate research business services
  • Provide operational oversight for data infrastructure development services
  • Develop and coordinate the patient engagement┬áplan
  • Carry out planning and implementation of day-to-day operations

Other hub roles:

  • First point of contact for all stakeholders* during introduction of initial services beginning in November 2016
  • First point of contact for stakeholders located in the Vancouver area on an ongoing basis; this includes stakeholders located in the Vancouver Coastal region
  • Manage partnership service agreements
  • Manage Memoranda of Understanding with regional centres
  • Facilitate provincial projects
  • Coordinate demonstration projects, communications, and evaluation
  • Carry out formal interaction with CIHR, SPOR Networks and other SUPPORT Units

*Our stakeholders include researchers, patients, health care providers and health system decision makers who are already involved in patient-oriented research or who would like to become involved.