DaSHI Project Themes

Themes and subthemes for potential project development 

Five themes and several subthemes have been identified from stakeholder consultations (1:1 consultations, visioning workshop and webinar):


Theme A: Integrated technology and analytic infrastructure that informs patient care

  • Analytics that inform point of care clinical decision support systems.
  • Predictive models across disparate Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMRs/EHRs)


Theme B: Opportunities to transform healthcare data by focusing on patient-centredness

  • Personal health records (PHR)
  • Personalization and tailoring, including genomics
  • Data mining to identify unique patient and/or clinical subgroups
  • Integration of health and non-health data (e.g. social media data)


Theme C: Data ecosystems with integration of person-centred data

  • Data infrastructure to support care coordination and health information exchange.
  • Data sets that would advance Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other text-based analytics in healthcare (e.g. Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs))
  • Information architecture modeling for community data
  • Robust architecture to support advanced data science analytics such as machine learning.
  • Database visualization methodologies for healthcare


Theme D: Application of specific types of data science methods to support patient centred healthcare

  • Visual Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Linkage, etc.


Theme E: Analytic approaches to address big data & the internet of things in the health context

  • Home monitoring
  • Systems for chronic disease virtual care


Note that there are varying degrees of overlap between themes. These features are intentional.