Conference Importance

Why is this conference important to patients?

Patient-oriented research is more than just a buzzword. It’s an approach to health research that emphasises meaningful patient engagement in every part of the process. This ensures health research focuses on questions relevant to patients. This conference will help patients understand what patient-oriented research is, and how they can become involved.


Why is this conference important to researchers?

Patient-oriented research is one way of increasing the impact of health research. By working collaboratively with patient partners, researchers can ensure that research questions, methods and findings are strongly aligned with patient preferences and therefore more likely to be adopted into practice – making a real difference to patients, families, the health care system and communities. This conference will help researchers learn more about how to engage and collaborate with patient partners on patient-oriented research.


Why is this conference important to health care providers?

By addressing questions relevant to patients first, patient-oriented research can impact the delivery of care, which means providers also need to be meaningfully engaged in the research process. This conference will help providers learn about how research works and how they can meaningfully contribute to the research process to help findings be more easily incorporated into care delivery.


Why is this conference important to health system decision-makers?

Key research findings guided by patient and provider involvement still require system-level support to ensure they are adopted and implemented. Engaging decision makers in the research process helps identify and address issues to aid implementation. This conference will help decision makers learn about the impacts of patient-oriented research, and how it can help them make system-level decisions to improve the quality of care for everyone in BC.